Aspire Tigon Kit

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The Aspire Tigon is the next level in all-in-one vaping devices! With sophisticated features like child-safe filling, and no-spill coil replacement, this next-generation vape pen is all the device you need. Well-built and cleverly designed, this is the kit for you!

Let's start with what matters least: how awesome it looks. These matte finishes look amazing, and feel perfect in the hand. With four colors to choose from - basic black, bright blue, the ever-popular rainbow, and a stainless steel so bright it shines, the Tigon kit is perfect for standing out while you're blending in.

But what really makes this device stand out is the build quality, and the amazing, one-of-a-kind new features. For instance, in order to fill the tank, you have to lift and pull the top, then slide: easy for an adult, harder for a child who might have gotten ahold of your tank. What's more, the coil design is a simple push-fit coil - no more screwing in coils! But what's really amazing is that when you remove the coil, the tank seals off behind it, for no-spill coil changes! I'll bet you've never seen that before!

Vaping on the Aspire Tigon kit is a wonder, too: it's a bypass device, so your wattage depends on the battery charge, but there's an easily-visible LED around the firing button to let you know how much life you've got, and the massive 2600 mAh battery will keep you going all day. It's set up for either MTL or DTL vaping, with a variety of small airflow holes (5 individual ones) for your mouth-to-lung hits, and then a huge open airflow slot for those direct-to-lung hits! Best of both worlds. The 0.4 ohm coil is your DTL buddy, while the 1.2 ohm coil is perfect for MTL - and stretches that battery life even further!

Simple yet sophisticated, the Aspire Tigon is the perfect small vape kit for you. Not quite as small as a vape pen, but not as massive as a sub-ohm mod, this smart, stylish, well-built, cleverly-designed vape should be your next kit!


* Aspire Tigon Replacement Coil, 0.4 ohm
* Aspire Tigon Replacement Coil, 1.2 ohm
* Aspire Tigon Replacement Glass

What's in the Box

* (1) Aspire Tigon battery
* (1) Aspire Tigon tank
* (1) Glass tube
* (1) Extra drip tip, wide bore
* (1) Aspire Tigon replacement coil, 0.4 ohm (installed)
* (1) Aspire Tigon replacement coil, 1.2 ohm
* (10) O-rings
* (1) Warranty card
* (1) User manual
* (1) Micro-USB cable

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VU157 (Lab) Aspire Tigon Kit

Aspire's most sophisticated vape pen brings next-generation features like child-safety filling and no-spill coil replacement to a product class that's often underserved. Take a look at the future of vape kits!
WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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