Tobeco Stillare 26650 Clone RDA

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The Tobeco Stillare 26650 Clone RDA is a dripper ahead of its time! With cyclops airflow and massive 28.5mm diameter, the Tobeco Stillare 26650 Clone RDA is an outstanding rebuildable dripper, ready for today and all your tomorrows!

A lot of RDAs now look like they've been ventilated at random with a machine gun, but the Stillare's cyclops airflow brings the air directly at and past your coils. While 26650-size RDAs got their start on 26650-sized mech mods, today's larger box mods are perfect for larger RDAs. The Stillare 26650's massive deck makes awesome builds easy: no more trying to shoehorn big coils into tiny RDAs!

Try out the amazing Tobeco Stillare 26650 Clone RDA and be first into the future!
WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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